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SHANGHAI EXPO 2010-from 1st May till 31st October in Shanghai .

By  Last updated: 23rd November 2012

SHANGHAI EXPO 2010-from 1st May till 31st October in Shanghai .


The next world Expo will be held from 1st May till 31st October in Shanghai and the theme will be “”Better city, better life”.
The city will be the ideal stage where to compare different development experiences and new approaches to the human habitat, in order to promote the sustainable development.
An event that counts on the participation of over 200 countries and International organizations with an average of 70 million visitors foreseen over the course of the exhibition.
Fiandre will be present into the Italian Pavilion, designed by arch. Giampaolo Imbrighi: a 7000sqm surface, 18 mt high with several figures in different rotating sizes that should be interpreted as a sort of mosaic where the building modules express a metaphor for the Italian traditional pluralism and regional customs.
The Italian Pavilion presents products and materials showing the ability of innovation, the dynamism of the Italian companies, the acquired experiences in the improvement of the cities’ quality and, last but not least, the country’s excellence, in one word: the “Made in Italy”.
Fiandre decided to accept this challenge and to offer its innovative, technologically advanced and aesthetically high products, to represent not only the brand, but the whole ceramic sector.
Fiandre is then very close to the topics that will be discussed during the Expo: the urban development in the respect of the environment is an aim that the company is contending far back, investing in the research of materials with the minimum environmental impact> and offering advanced solutions, capable to face the global energy consumption.
The Organization Board decision of including the company among the partners for the Italian Pavilion has to be read as a further proof of the prestige and the quality of Fiandre made in Italy: its large products range allows once again the participation of the company to a worldwide event, follow up of a philosophy that is a winning stimulus and a confirmation of the values that Fiandre during the years is communicating to the architecture and project world.

After Beijing’s Olympics, the Chinese authorities’ ambition is to marvel again the world, organizing the biggest exposition ever, that will bring to the city of Shanghai the attention of the whole world, consecrating it as big international capital.
It’s the first Universal Exposition that will have as main theme the city in relation to the quality life, one of the most discussed topics on the future of our planet. The 2010 Shanghai Expo will be inaugurated the 1st May 2010 and will remain open till the 31st October, for 6 months and, according to the most recente stimate, the foreseen flow… is about 80 million visitors, with an average of 600 persons per day. The official theme of the event is “Better city, Better life”, that can be reinterpreted consenting the involvement of numerous sectors. Italy will be present with its National Pavilion that belongs to the restricted circle of the biggest pavilions (over 6000 square mt) that will be realized only by 12 countries. For the occasion, the Governement has created by the Foreign Office a specific structure, the Government Commission for the 2010 Shanghai Worldwide Exposition, guided by the General Commissioner, Prof. Beniamino Quintieri.  »

18 metres high, 7.000 square mt for the total exhibition space: Italy will be one of those countries present at high levels in the2010 Expo.
Our Pavilion will be a proper mini – city, with a precise reference to the one that will host the Expo but mostly to our country’s mixed character: it represents us, our culture, our creativity,our extraordinary quality and the companies innovation that will contribute to make this huge exhibition space unique.
The world always expects the best from Italy in terms of originality. But we can manage to stand out also for the technical and scientific… excellence of our companies.  »


 GranitiFiandre S.p.A
Via Radici Nord, 112
42014 Castellarano (Reggio Emilia)
Tel: 0536 819611
Fax: (+39) 0536 858082 (Italia)
(+39) 0536 850088/857065 (Estero)

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