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Floor Gres – Tile Shop – IL, USA

By  Last updated: 26th January 2013

Floor Gres – Tile Shop – IL, USA

Intelligent Architecture

Floor Gres was founded in 1962 at Fiorano Modenese by Giovanni Lucchese, a trained engineer who first brought the wet extrusion process for the production of clinker tiles to Italy and then, in 1967, introduced the technology for producing white-body single-fired tiles using the spray-drying method, still one of the most widely used in the ceramic tile industry today. In 1976 Floor Gres created its Swimming Pool Division, for the realization of swimming facilities of all kinds and sizes. In 1981 Floor Gres pioneered the production of porcelain stoneware, a material with outstanding technical and aesthetic properties which immediately began to dominate the market thanks to its wide range of potential applications in both public and private contexts. In 1995 its forward-looking, innovative spirit led Floor Gres to phase out the production of extruded clinker tiles in order to dedicate more resources to the unlimited potential of porcelain stoneware.

Floor Gres
P.O. Box 156
Barrington, IL 60011
United States of America
Toll Free: 877-342-6567

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